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- - Enter your phone number to talk to a live operator.

What is Click-2-Connect?

With Call Tracker's Click-2-Connect feature, visitors to your website are just a "click" away from engaing in a telephone conversation with your staff. Adding Call Tracker's Click-2-Connect functionality to your website is as easy as adding a few lines of code. Once installed, your web visitors can be presented with an option to "click to be connected" directly to one of your representatives. Plus, with Call Tracker's Click-2-Connect feature, you will gain all the powerful call analytics that are offered by Call Tracker, including call recording, alternative routing, ROI analysis, caller profiling and much more!


Click to Call Features

  • Display information from the caller's web session to any CSR or agent. This passes all the information provided by the customer so questions don't have to be repeated.

  • Control when and where the Click-to-Connect button will be visible based on time spent on a particular web page, product being viewed, items in shopping cart, customer status, and hours of operation.

  • Help your customers find what they are looking for, with just the click of a button you can help customers navigate your site and help complete forms.

  • Use Click-2-Connect along with alternate routing to direct the call to a specific call center or sales desk, based on when and where the button is clicked.

  • Present your customers with a custom message at the begining of a Click-2-Connect conversation to inform them of sales, product promotions, or agent availability.