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Call Tracker's call recording allows you to review your calls online and even monitor the call in real time. The Call Tracker website gives you the ability to add personal notes to each phone call received and to rate the call or add additional information about the caller. You can set Call Tracker to automatically send you an email everytime a new call is recorded. Recorded calls can be individually downloaded to your computer if you need it for future reference. All recorded calls will be stored on our system for 90 days.

Benefits of call Recording

  • Monitor employee/customer interaction to help improve customer service

  • Better trained employess and improved customer relations equals increased sales

  • Evaluate the performance of your employees

  • Train employess by example

  • Call center quality monitoring

  • Confirmation of verbal disputes/disagreements between staff and customers

  • Downloadable for future evaluation

  • Email recordings to managers or supervisors

Call Record