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Call Tracker
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Call Tracker is a powerful analytical tool that captures and organizes telephone data. Working behind the scenes, Call Tracker silently compiles call information and even records telephone interaction.
Call Tracker allows you to measure how many telephone calls an advertisement generates, how your employees are interacting with callers, where your calls are coming from, who is calling, and much more all thru an easy to use web-based interface.
Call Tracker's dynamic reporting capabilities allow you to analyze every aspect of your telephone traffic. Call Tracker reports allow you to track your calls based on advertising ROI, advertising source, caller zip code, length of call, time of day, and more. If it is important to your business, Call Tracker
reports will provide you with the information you need to improve the way your business communicates
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Call Tracker

Do you want to know where calls to your business are coming from? What ad sources are providing you a good return on investment? Whether it's websites, billboards, TV, radio, or print ads Call Tracker can help you see which ones are working for your business. Have instant access to view reports that show you how much your leads are costing you, where your customers are calling from, how many positive leads an ad generated and much more! Call Tracker shows you who called, gives you the callers address and other information where available, shows you how long the call lasted and even records the conversation!

Information Available in Real-Time

Call Tracker stores all the details from every call you receive, 24-7, and can be viewed from any internet equipped computer. It's as easy as typing a web address and logging into your account. Once logged in you can view all the details of your calls. You can even allow restricted access to your employees so they can view information about calls received or just view the reports. This prevents them from being able to go in and delete recorded calls and call information.